Welcome to the MOTHER of all DISASTERS! “Catastrophe Vortex with TC KIrkham” premieres February 1!

Wow, this has been a LOOOOOONG time coming for me, and I can’t wait for it to debut! Mark Wednesday, February 1 2017 on your calendars, podcast fans – you’re about to get CATASTRO-PHIZED!!!

Anyone who has listened to me talk about disasters on Subject:CINEMA or who has read about my love for disaster films on eCinemaOne and its predecessor, Popcorn N Roses, you KNOW this is my genre folks!

I did some checking around, and while plenty of film podcasts – including Subject:CINEMA – have done individual shows and occasional reviews of disaster films, there is presently NO single podcast devoted to the genre. And so I thought to myself…”Self, why don’t YOU do it? And put a unique spin on it?” And so I will!

Each week on CV, I’m going to do my best to bring you all up to speed on the artform of the disaster film. We’ll have three reviews of disaster films each week:

“Catastrophe Classics” – these are the films that most people know; good or bad, they were a pretty big hit at the box office.

“Disaster Diamonds” – a mix of films that aren’t quite on par with the classics, but not in the dregs either. And also in this category, some real hard to find gems as well that belong in the classics, but aren’t widely available.

“Craptastic Cataclysms” – those films or TV movies that are absolute dreck, but for the most part are still hella fun to watch. The “So Bad They’re Good!” section of the show.

I’ll also be recommending excellent books, TV series,  and specials about disasters,  disasters fiction and non fiction that are forever enshrined in song, and real-life disasters – some well known and some obscure but deserving – that have yet to be made into major Hollywood projects, and why they need to be made!

Wrap it all up in a gigantic fireball, stick an airplane through the middle as a pin, rev up the volcanic lava, and tie everything up with a tornado, you’re going to get it all in one huge package!

The fun begins this Wednesday, February 1, so be there – come join us and get Catastro-phized!



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