The Catastrophe Vortex with TC Kirkham #01 – February 1 2017


The Catastrophe Vortex with TC Kirkham #01 – February 1 2017

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On the debut of The Catastrophe Vortex, I delve into some of the coolest (and most awful) disaster films of all time. I’ll also set up the show, what I’m about, and what you can expect to hear each week! I certainly hope you’ll enjoy what you hear, and keep coming back for more each week!

VIDEO VORTEX – “When Havoc Struck” (1978)
DISASTER DIAMONDS – “Titanic” (1943)
NOT YET CATASTRO-PHIZED – The Great Boston Molasses Flood
MISFORTUNATE MELODIES – “Timothy” by The Buoys (1970)
CRAPTASTIC CATACLYSMS – “When Time Ran Out (1980)
DEVESTATION DEPOSITORY – “The Stewardess Is Flying The Plane”


It’s the first show, folks…bound to have little mistakes creep in…

In the cast list for “Airport”: Barbara Hale plays Vernon Demerest’s wife and Mel Bakersfeld’s sister, not the other way around as I indicate on the show

“Air Disasters” airs on Smithsonian Channel, not National Geographic (although it USED to air there under the title “Air Emergency”)

IN the plot discussion of “When Time Ran Out”, William Holden’s character is hoping that Jacqueline Bisset’s character will become his SEVENTH wife, not his second.

Sheesh…it will get better, but at least these were mainly me being super excited about debuting the show! YAY!


Check back in a couple days for extensive links to all the various films and topics discussed – not quite ready yet!

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