One more week..but something special coming later this week..

I will premiere the new revamped edition of CV next Monday. I had planned to do it today, but we are still working on last minute details for something special that will be out later this week…exclusively on our YouTube channel at PNRNetworks.

What is it? Welllll, it sort of qualifies here, although not strictly a disaster film, but still it’s about things in and around a major disaster. And our production we hope will add to the original effort’s mystique.¬† I’ll post the video up here when it’s done. And return next Monday as CV tackles “Earthquake” from 1974!

“The Quake” is coming…

Fans (like myself) of the intense and extremely well done disaster pic “The Wave” (“Bolgen”) from Norway are in for a treat come late next summer.

The writers and producers of that film have reunited with the cast of that film for a new disaster pic, “The Quake” (“Skjelvet”), which is now filming in Oslo.

Set three years after the events in “The Wave”, the Eikjord family has now moved on to Oslo (they were in the process of moving from Geiranger to Stavanger in the first film) where they have presumably set

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We’ll get things going again in 2018

I apologize for all the craziness  this year. I really have a lot of fun doing CV, but my time this year has become more and more restricted, thanks to ongoing issues with work and home obligations.

Catastrophe Vortex will return in January on Monday evenings with a slightly retooled format that I hope will make it easier for me to keep it on schedule. Right now, plans are to premiere the new podcasts starting on January 8 2018. The podcast is moving to Mondays to accommodate another new podcast from PNRNetworks, “Ring Around The Rosie”, which will be on

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Welcome to the MOTHER of all DISASTERS! “Catastrophe Vortex with TC KIrkham” premieres February 1!

Wow, this has been a LOOOOOONG time coming for me, and I can’t wait for it to debut! Mark Wednesday, February 1 2017 on your calendars, podcast fans – you’re about to get CATASTRO-PHIZED!!!

Anyone who has listened to me talk about disasters on Subject:CINEMA or who has read about my love for disaster films on eCinemaOne and its predecessor, Popcorn N Roses, you KNOW this is my genre folks!

I did some checking around, and while plenty of film podcasts – including Subject:CINEMA – have done individual shows and occasional reviews of disaster films, there is presently NO single podcast

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